Sin, Snakes, and Salvation
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‘The Gift of Tongues’ Biblically Defined (Part 2)
‘The Gift of Tongues’ Biblically Defined (Part 1)
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Glorification – Eternal life in God’s Presence
The Authority for What You Believe About God
Don’t Focus on Yourself!
Expectations for the Coming Year
Anticipation of Joy
Anticipation for the Peacemaker
Anticipation for a King
On Roy Moore and the Church
The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)
Joy at a Birth and a Funeral
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A Hurricane Week to Remember
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Jesus versus Dementia
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How Do You Show Your Love for God?
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Parenting Goals: Disciplining Your Children
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No Barganing: Being a Disciple in All of Life
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The Next Generation- Part 2
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The Next Generation- Part 1
The Festival of Trumpets Pictures...
2016 Marriage Conference Audio
Hate, the Truth, and Church
Mortality and Immortality
Dedicating Our Children to the Lord
Reflecting on the Olympic Games and Christlikeness
Parenting on Purpose: Unity
Parenting on Purpose: Authority
If A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words, What’s a Selfie Worth?
Reflections Upon a Former Co-worker’s Death
Our New (to us) Van Has Arrived!
Atheists Deny Spiritual Realities
Pentecost: Law, Death, Spirit, Life & the Church
Parenting Goals (Part 2)
Parenting Goals (Part 1)
The Story of Thomas the Twin
A Big Money Offering in God’s Eyes Is…
Three Testimonies of Baptism
The Festival of Firstfruits Pictures...
Good Friday and Easter Services
Unleavened Bread Pictures...
Picturing Christ: The Passover
This Life Is…
An Amazing Fact I Need Reminded Of
How God Answers the Question “Why?”
I'm Too Dense to Understand God's Plans
God Chooses Who Wins the Super Bowl
Audio: Missions Conference 2016
A Plan to Support Missionaries
What is a ‘Missionary’ Anyways?
Missions Conference 2016
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We Need One Another
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