Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

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Faith Baptist Ministries is helping the people in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The devastation is massive, however the needs are even greater. Consider partnering with us as we try to be a blessing to our neighbors.

Initially we will be providing food and supplies to some of the impacted areas in Houston as we partner with Operation Renewed Hope Disaster Relief Ministries.

Subsequent trips will be providing support to other regions of the Texas Gulf Coast. We are working with local churches to distribute the supplies. After the initial food supply efforts, we will focus on clean up and rebuilding.

Your donation will be used for the purchase of food and supplies for these areas. We have vehicles, trailers, and manpower to transport supplies to impacted areas north of us.

Help us help our neighbors. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus said that the Samaritan left two days of a labors wage for the innkeeper to help the injured man. This would be approximately $120 for someone making minimum wage. We encourage you to give! Whatever you can give, whether $5 or $120 or anything you decide, all of it will be used for hurricane relief!  #2dayswages.

If you would like to help with loading or delivering the items. Please contact Faith Baptist Church through the link below.

Faith Baptist Church

Operation Renewed Hope Disaster Relief