Daniel Chapters 1-5 Now Online

On Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM we are studying the book of Daniel in a series entitled “Daniel: Servant of the Sovereign”. Several people have asked for the sermons to be posted online, and so we took some time to upload them.

You can see what files are posted and listen to them by clicking here.

Each sermon has an Adobe Acrobat file that contains the slides used during the sermon. I highly recommend you open those files and follow along as you listen to the sermons.

Please note: There was a recording issue with the sermon entitled, “A Battle Over Worship Part 2” and you will be unable to hear the sermon. However, we have left the sermon online so that you can access the notes file associated with it.

Please note: These sound files have not been edited, so they may lack the polish and sound levels that we have for our Sunday morning sermon series. If there is a problem with a particular file, please email us and let us know of the problem.