Spirit Led Service

In our day there is much misunderstanding about the Spirit and what it looks like when someone is ‘led by the Spirit’ or ‘full of the Spirit’. To emphasize the relational aspect of the fruit of the Spirit and what the Spirit produces in the body of Christ, Paul gives us, in Galatians 6, several ‘case studies’ on Spirit led service in the body of Christ. Below is the complete mini-series for your convenience.

Spirit Led Service: Restoring the Repentant Sinner – What should happen when someone in the church is caught in sin?

Spirit Led Service: Bearing Burdens – Since every believer experiences seasons of life that are burdensome, every Spirit led believer should humbly help other believers bear up under the burdensome circumstances of this life.

Spirit Led Service: Evaluating Your Efforts – Spirit led service is concerned about personal obedience to God, not how we compare to others.

Spirit Led Service: Investing – Believer’s must not be deceived by a society dedicated to materialism and the pursuit of happiness. We are to invest our material goods in spiritual things so that we will gain spiritual benefits that endure eternally.