We Need One Another

“The church is not a building.” This old adage is so true and reflects what Paul wrote in 1Cor. 12.27 “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.”

Paul’s use of a body is helpful imagery. I remember the relief felt when the nurse finished examining my newborn children and said, “Ten fingers and ten toes! Healthy and fit!” As a member of the church you are essential to the proper functioning of our church body. Our church needs you. But not only that, you need the body! A finger cannot do much when it is separated from the hand! You need to be present when the body of Christ gathers together!

But you also need to be more than “present and accounted for”. You need to be active. I had a baseball coach who was a quadriplegic because of a swimming accident. All of his body members were present, but none below his neck were active. You need to be an active participant in the functioning of our church. For the body to function well, you will need to put forth effort.

You may ask, “What can I do?” Paul wrote, “But God has so composed the body… that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another.” (1Cor.12.24b-25) The New Testament is filled with admonishments to believers to be actively involved in the lives of other believers. We refer to many of these commands as the “one another’s” of Scripture. Here are few:

be kind to one another    encourage one another

bear with one another    submit to one another

love one another earnestly    instruct/warn one another

Commands are non-negotiable. They are for our benefit, and the benefit of the body of Christ. To aid you in obeying the “one another’s”, we have CareShare groups here at Faith Baptist. These are small groups that meet once a week to reflect on God’s word, pray, fellowship, and serve. They present wonderful opportunities for you to obey the “one another’s” that we find in the Scriptures. If you are not involved in a CareShare group, then start this week!

You need to be present and active in the lives of believers here at Faith Baptist church.

Further reading: Rom. 12:10, 16; 14:19; 15:14; 1Cor. 12:1-13:13; 1Thes. 5:15; Eph. 4:32; Col.3:9; 1Pet. 1:22; 4:9;